Our approach

Everything begins with a meeting…

Whether the project is a new creation or the redevelopment of an existing area, our design office is at your service, to take into account not only your requirements but also the restrictions related to your area and your project.

You know what you like… but the elements still require work

We invite you to a preliminary design meeting (of around 1 hour and 30 minutes).
Using a questionnaire, we define the various feasible areas of development.
We send you a preliminary design quotation within 48 hours.
After validation, we present and provide you with the complete preliminary design, which includes:
– a ground plan and a technical plan
– an atmospheric sketch
– a range of plants and materials considered
– a realisation quotation

When you validate the realisation quotation, we offer you a full discount on the preliminary design costs.
Otherwise, you keep the complete preliminary design, which you will be invoiced for.


Some examples of preliminary design costs:
• Preliminary terrace design: from €750 to €2,500 excluding VAT*
• Preliminary garden design: from €900 to €5,000*

* All amounts are indicated for information purposes only. Precise costing is provided following the preliminary design meeting.

You are developing your garden yourself… and you need some advice

consultingWe offer a consultation on your land with the l’Esprit au vert consultant landscape gardener.

• Cost of a consulting session: €150 excluding VAT

You know precisely what you want… and we do it for you

lespritauvert-realisationAfter the meeting, we provide you with a free-of-charge realisation quotation.
This clear and detailed document specifies your project’s realisation costs.
The realisation quotation includes the plants and materials that we have selected with you.

After this discussion, we help you define your style and the corresponding type of garden.
We leave it up to you to carry out your development, and we remain at your disposal should you feel the need for further advice.

We support you as your garden develops…

Whatever the formula you have chosen, l’Esprit au Vert proposes tailor-made maintenance contracts. These contracts make your life easier, ensuring that your green areas continue to develop harmoniously.
Our maintenance teams take care of your trimming, pruning, mowing and weeding, with the utmost respect for your plant heritage.