Our philosophy

You want your garden to be extraordinary. Nothing less will do, since it has to be a reflection of you. Whatever its size, from a few square metres to several hectares, your garden tells your story.

Your garden shows others how you see beauty, serenity, warmth… In a word, happiness. A living space for your loved ones, a place for reunions, a place for relaxing and a place for meditating, your garden adds meaning and value to your home.

At l’Esprit au vert, our goal is to bring your vision to life.

Whether you are an individual, an architect or a company, our role is to support you, from your earliest ideas right through to the final detail of realisation and then maintenance.
At l’Esprit au vert, we know that a garden is born, grows up and asserts itself over time.

Our guiding principles are to listen to your needs, understand your lifestyle and values, encourage your boldness and surprise you, through textures, colours, lighting and contrasts that you had perhaps not imagined. Above all, l’Esprit au vert is an open mind.

When you entrust us with your project…

L’Esprit au vert believes in and cultivates relationships of trust.
Your contact person makes sure you are closely involved in the creative process.
With you, we are the architect of your outdoor space. At every stage, you are informed of how the project is progressing, and if necessary, you are alerted promptly.
This too is l’Esprit au Vert.